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Lawn Prep: Well Spent

Updated: Feb 29

Preparing for a Beautiful Lawn

Creating a luscious, healthy lawn is akin to laying a solid foundation for a house. The effort and diligence you put into preparing your lawn's base will determine the richness and vitality of the green space you cultivate. Here’s a brief guide to ensure your grass grows in thick and vibrant.

Weed Control

Begin by addressing any weeds with a broad-spectrum weed control solution, ensuring it has no residual effect on the soil for more than 27 days. There's generally no need to remove dead weeds as they decay, adding to the organic matter in your soil. It's beneficial to consider having your soil tested by a reputable lab for nutrient and pH balance.


Tilling is crucial, especially if your soil is low on organic matter. Integrate quality compost materials to enrich the soil, an excellent way to provide nutrients to your lawn. This stage is also the perfect time to mix in some limestone, additional nutrients, and organic matter to correct any imbalances.


To prevent drainage issues, grade your lawn by raking and leveling the soil, especially around foundations and edges. Aim for a gentle slope away from structures to ensure water flows correctly. The grading should transition smoothly to paths, driveways, and patios, with a final grade set to accommodate any planned irrigation systems.


Disturbing the soil through raking and tilling may bring up hidden weed seeds within the soil's seed bank. Allow time for these to germinate and grow after your initial preparation work. Treat emergent weeds with a systemic herbicide, repeating the treatment as necessary to ensure a clean slate for your grass.


Hydroseeding is a technique where grass seed, fertilizer, hydro-mulch, and a special bonding agent are combined in a slurry and sprayed over the prepared soil. This protective green layer of hydro-mulch helps retain moisture and protect the seed from erosion, even on steep slopes. Germination tends to be faster because the seeds are soaked in the moisture-rich mixture. You can adjust the seed varieties to suit your growing conditions and even mix in special additives with the hydroseed for enhanced results.

In conclusion, the path to a beautiful lawn involves a meticulous preparation process. By controlling weeds, enriching the soil with organic matter, grading for optimal drainage, patiently managing weed germination, and using modern techniques like hydroseeding, you can lay the groundwork for a lush, green oasis outside your home.

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